can you wear earbuds with hearing aids

Can You Wear Earbuds With Hearing Aids

Yes, can you wear earbuds with hearing aids, but it depends on the type of hearing aid you have and how you wear them. If you’re a hearing aid user and love listening to music or podcasts, then you may wonder if it’s possible to wear earbuds at the same time.

The answer is that it can be done, but it depends on the type of hearing aid you have and how you use it. Not all hearing aids work with all hearing aids, and in some cases, using hearing aids could interfere with the effectiveness of your hearing aid.

So, before trying this combination, it’s essential to understand how to do it safely and effectively. We’ll examine whether you can use hearing aids with hearing aids and share some tips and guidelines to help you do it right.

Compatibility Of Earbuds And Hearing Aids

Headphones and headphones are popular ways to enjoy audio content, but are they compatible? It depends on the type of hearing aid and the characteristics of the headphones. Some headphones can interfere with the effectiveness of the hearing aids, while others can work together without problems.

It is best to consult with a hearing care professional to determine what type of headphones are appropriate for your hearing needs.

Hearing aids and headphones fit inside the ears, but can they be used together? For those who rely on hearing aids to hear, the possibility of using headphones may be attractive. However, it is essential to understand whether the headphones are compatible with hearing aids. Let’s explore the different types of hearing aids, the types available on the market, and the factors to consider when using hearing aids with hearing aids.

Types Of Hearing Aids

There are various types of hearing aids available in the market. They range from traditional behind-the-ear models to almost invisible in-ear models. Below are some common types of hearing aids:

Type of Hearing AidDescription
BTE (Behind-the-Ear)Worn behind the ear and connected to a custom earpiece by a clear tubing
RIC (Receiver-in-Canal)Similar to BTE, but with the receiver located inside the ear canal
CIC (Completely-in-Canal)Smallest custom-made hearing aid which fits completely inside the ear canal
ITC (In-the-Canal)Custom-made and fits slightly in the ear canal

Types Of Earbuds

Just like hearing aids, there are different types of headphones available in the market. Below are some common types of headphones:

  • In-ear headphones
  • Over-ear headphones
  • Wireless headphones
  • Noise-cancelling headphones

Factors To Consider

It is essential to consider several factors before using headphones. One factor to consider is the type of hearing aid you use. For example, if you use a behind-the-ear hearing aid, using over-the-ear headphones can be a challenge. Another factor to consider is the placement of the hearing aid. You must ensure the earpiece does not touch the hearing aid or tube.

Additionally, you may need to adjust the headphone volume to avoid discomfort or damage to your hearing aid. In conclusion, while it is possible to use headphones with hearing aids, it is essential to understand the compatibility issues and factors to consider before doing so. Consult your audiologist to determine if headphones are appropriate for your hearing aid model and recommendations on the best type.

Using Earbuds With Hearing Aids

Using headphones with hearing aids has become a common problem for those who need to improve their hearing. The good news is that it is possible. However, there are a few things to consider when using headphones with hearing aids. This post will review some tips and best practices for using headphones with hearing aids.

Tips For Wearing Earbuds With Hearing Aids

  • Choose headphones that fit comfortably over your hearing aids: When selecting headphones, it is essential to find a pair that is comfortable to wear with your hearing aids. Look for headphones that fit well in your ears without causing discomfort or pressure on your hearing aids.
  • Adjust the volume: Using headphones with headphones can amplify the sound and cause distorted sound. It is essential to adjust the headphone volume accordingly. Make sure the sound is not too loud to damage your ears or aggravate your hearing aids.
  • Place your headphones correctly: Correctly placing your headphones with your hearing aids is essential for optimal sound quality. First, put the earbuds in your ears, then gently lift the earbud so that it rests on top of the earbud. Hearing aids should be positioned so they do not cause any discomfort and provide the correct level of amplification.

Best Practices

Clean your earbuds and hearing aids regularly: Regular cleaning of your earbuds and hearing aids ensures better sound quality and prevents ear infections.Use noise-cancelling earbuds: Noise-cancelling earbuds can help in reducing background noise and improve the sound quality.Choose earbuds with flat frequencies: Earbuds with a flat frequency response can help in delivering a balanced and natural sound.Don’t wear earbuds for too long: Prolonged use of earbuds can be harmful to your ears and lead to hearing loss.Don’t use earbuds with hearing aids in noisy environments: Using earbuds with your hearing aids in loud environments can lead to hearing damage.Don’t wear earbuds that are too tight: Wearing earbuds that are too tight can cause discomfort and may affect the performance of your hearing aids.

In conclusion, you can safely use earbuds with your hearing aids by following simple tips and best practices. Also, talk to your audiologist for advice on the best earbuds for your hearing aids.

Alternatives To Wearing Earbuds With Hearing Aids

Can headphones be used with headphones? Many hearing aid users ask this question. Although it is possible to use headphones with headphones, it is not recommended. Using headphones may cause discomfort in the ear canal and affect the effectiveness of the hearing aid. For this reason, it is important to look for alternatives to using headphones with headphones. In this article, we will consider some of the options that users can explore.

Wireless Assistive Listening Devices

The first alternative to consider is the use of wireless assistive listening devices. These devices help hearing aid users pick up sounds they might have trouble hearing in certain situations. Wireless assistive listening devices, such as hearing loops, FM, and infrared systems, come in various forms. These devices usually connect to your hearing aid, which helps send sound directly to your device.

Bone Conduction Headphones

If you want to listen to music while wearing your headphones, bone-conduction headphones are a great option. These headphones work by sending sound through the cheekbones instead of through the ear canal. This way, the sound bypasses the eardrum, eliminating the discomfort you might experience when wearing headphones. Additionally, bone-conduction headphones allow you to be aware of your surroundings while enjoying your music.

Other Alternatives

In addition to the alternatives mentioned above, users can explore over-ear headphones, ear hooks, and other hearing aid-compatible headphones. These options are designed to provide greater comfort and sound quality for hearing aid users, reducing the discomfort of wearing hearing aids.

In conclusion, it is not recommended to use headphones with headphones. Fortunately, there are other alternatives you can explore. Wireless assistive hearing devices, bone conduction headphones, and other hearing aid-compatible headphones are significant options that can enhance your music listening experience while ensuring the long-term effectiveness of your hearing aid. 

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Wearing Earbuds With Hearing Aids

If you have headphones and love listening to music or taking calls, you may wonder if you can use headphones with your hearing aids simultaneously. The answer is yes, but there are some advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of.


  • Improved Audio Quality: Headphones can provide a better audio experience than headphones.
  • Wireless connectivity: Some headphones, such as Apple AirPods or Samsung Galaxy Buds, offer Bluetooth connectivity, which can be convenient for taking calls or listening to music without removing your headphones.
  • No need to adjust the hearing aids: The hearing aids do not require any adjustment to the hearing aids, which can save you time and effort.


  • May cause discomfort: Using headphones with headphones for prolonged periods may cause ear discomfort or pain.
  • May interfere with hearing aids: Headphones can interfere with the feedback systems of your hearing aids, especially if they are not compatible or fitted correctly.
  • Noise Isolation: The headphones can isolate noise and block out critical environmental sounds, such as alarms or warnings.

Ultimately, whether or not you can use headphones with your hearing aids will depend on your personal preferences and the specific models of your hearing aids and headphones. You should consult your audiologist or hearing health professional before making any decisions.

Caring For Wear Earbuds And Hearing Aids

The headphones can be used with headphones but must be handled carefully to avoid damage. Clean them regularly, avoid applying pressure, and remove them when adjusting your hearing aid. Proper maintenance can ensure its longevity and optimal performance.

Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your headphones and earphones is crucial to ensure their longevity and performance. If your headphones are not maintained, you could end up damaging them. The following maintenance tips will help you keep your headphones and earphones in good working condition:

  • Store your headphones and earphones in a cool, dry place when not in use.
  • Avoid exposing them to extreme heat or cold.
  • Periodically check your headphone tips for signs of wear and replace them when necessary.
  • Do not use alcohol or other harsh chemicals to clean your headphones or earphones.
  • Ensure you use the correct size of headphones to avoid putting too much pressure on your ears.

Cleaning Dos And Don’ts

Cleaning your headphones and earphones is an essential part of their maintenance. However, knowing the correct way to clean them is necessary to avoid causing any damage. Below are the dos and don’ts of cleaning hearing aids and hearing aids:

To do

  • Use a soft, dry cloth to clean your headphones and earphones regularly.
  • Use a soft-bristled brush to remove debris or earwax from the tips of your hearing aids.
  • Use a mild soap and water solution to clean the tips of headphones and earphones.
  • Be sure to dry your headphones and earbuds thoroughly after cleaning them.


  • Do not use water to clean the body of your headphones or earphones.
  • Do not use abrasive or sharp objects to clean the tips of your headphones or earphones.
  • Do not immerse your headphones or earphones in water or any other liquid.
  • Do not use cleaning solutions or detergents to clean your headphones or earphones.

In conclusion, taking care of your headphones and earphones is essential to maintaining their performance and longevity. Follow these maintenance tips and cleaning do’s and don’ts to ensure your headphones and earphones remain in good working condition for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions For Can You Wear Earbuds With Hearing Aids

How Do People With Hearing Aids Wear Earbuds?

Particular types of hearing aids can be used by people with hearing aids. Custom-made hearing aids can be placed over hearing aids, while bone-conduction hearing aids bypass the ear canal entirely. Additionally, some hearing aids have audio streaming capabilities, allowing users to listen to music or take calls directly through their hearing aids.

Which Earbuds Work Best As Hearing Aids?

Some wireless headphones, such as the Bose Headphones and Jabra Elite 65t, can act as hearing aids with smartphone apps. However, it is essential to note that these devices are not medical grade and may not work for everyone with hearing loss.

It is best to consult a doctor or audiologist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

What Kind Of Headphones Can I Use With Hearing Aids?

You can use headphones designed to work with hearing aids like telecoil or Bluetooth. These headphones transmit sound directly to the headphones’ speakers, so you can listen to music or audio without removing your headphones.

Consult with your audiologist to find the best option for your hearing aids.


Headphones and headphones are two technological wonders that have made our lives simpler and more comfortable. The answer to whether you can use headphones with hearing aids depends on your preferences and the type of hearing aid you use.

However, it is essential to consult with your audiologist before using any device with your hearing aids. Remember to prioritise your hearing health and adequately care for your hearing aids for maximum benefit. With proper care, you can enjoy music and other audio activities easily, even if you use headphones.

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